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We Proudly Support

Bring Change to Mind and Cradles to Crayons Chicago

  •  Bring Change to Mind works to end the stigma around Mental Health by providing resources and programs across the nation. Focusing on helping people start the conversations about Mental Health. They have organized clubs in over 520 High Schools across the country helping students to advocate for mental health awareness and resources.

  • Cradles to Crayons connects communities by providing everyday essentials to Chicagoland students. They work to organize volunteer efforts making a direct impact by packaging items in their Giving Factory and delivering it to the community.

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How It All Started

In all truth this started when my fifteen year old self had an idea and a little too much time on my hands during the pandemic. If you know me you know I can't ever seem to leave an idea alone. And so it began the hyper fixation to bring my vision to life. My business experience amounted to a grand total of zero. So I created my own makeshift business education by researching small business marketing podcasts, youtube videos on accounting, and endless how-to blogs. Through lots of trial and error Heart of the City Apparel slowly started to come together.

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Where We Are Going

We’ve done some soul searching… and now we're back! We want to continue to create clothing with a purpose that connects people through the human experience. In this new Era for Heart of the City Apparel we want to focus on building our community through social media. This is unchartered territory for us & we couldn't be more excited to see where it goes. So come along and grow with us. You’re our why so please share your thoughts, we love to hear from you!

Our Story: About Us
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Get to Know Us!

Our Story: About Us

My name is Kylie Kurinsky!! This business has grown with me from an ambitious 15 year old to now a sophomore at the University of South Carolina (still ambitious as ever). I am forever grateful to the invaluable lessons and people I have met along the way. This experience has been beyond challenging and even more empowering.  Creating a brand centered around connecting strangers felt so natural to me. I genuinely love meeting new people and hearing their stories. However, I wasn't always a naturally outgoing person which is why I understand how impactful it is to feel seen by others without being the loudest in the room. I wanted to emulate that feeling in my designs. Heart of the City Apparel is a piece of my heart and I hope you love it as much as I do.

Hello, my name is Raquel Kurinsky. When my sister, Kylie, started Heart of the City Apparel I got to witness my greatest role model in action.  She showed me what it is to have unwavering ambition, complete focus, and true moral character.  As a younger sibling, I was in awe of what she was creating and was extremely excited when she asked me to assist her. In my experience we all have days when we just need a little something to bring a smile to our faces.  So with that in mind, I did not hesitate to help spread this message and work on the brand.  I am grateful for this opportunity not only to meet people but also to witness first hand how the message resonates with so many. It never gets old to hear the positive impact this brand has on someone. It fills me with so much joy each and every time. I personally have been impacted by the brand as I stand a little taller with more confidence just knowing that I am wearing a positive message. I hope these designs bring you a smile as much as they do for me.

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